+ Who is CAJTEX?

CAJTEX Communications is a wireless internet service provider.
CAJTEX was started out of the need for high-speed internet service in a rural neighborhood that had very few options (SAT or Cellular) for high-speed internet.

CAJTEX is considered a Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) or Broadband Wireless Access Provider (BWA). Our focus is to provide rural residences, neighborhoods, businesses, and communities high-speed internet service who are currently underserved.

+ What is WISP / BWA Service?

WISP / BWA provide High-Speed Broadband Internet Service to fixed locations such as homes or businesses via fixed towers where typical hardwired (cable) or fiber-optic connections are not feasible or not profitable for the large companies to run.

+ Is this service mobile / cellular?

No. Our service is Fixed Wireless Broadband Service designed to provide ONLY broadband internet service to your home or business via wireless communications. Unlike mobile / cellular that can become over crowded causing dropped calls or a SLOW internet experience, our service uses wireless towers that are closer together to provide stronger signals and faster speeds and insures adequate bandwidth is available for all our customers. In other words, our towers will not experience overcrowding due to too many cellular phone or other mobile devices on the same tower. Additionally, although cellular companies state they have unlimited data plans, most however, will throttle your speed once a data limit has been reached or exceed hence the slow response of internet usage.

+ Is this service telephone wired or fiber-optic?

No. Our service is wireless from fixed land based transmission towers.

Wired to the home has typically, in rural America, has been by telephone companies via DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) which in many cases now are no longer offered. Additionally, because the infrastructure cost is expensive, Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is not practical to rural America but mostly reserve to high density metro / urban areas.

+ Is this service Cable based service?

No. Our service is wireless from fixed land based transmission towers.

Again, like telephone wired (DSL) service, cable companies in most cases is supplying service to metro, urban, or high density neighborhood areas via an aging infrastructure. Cable companies are only supplying new technology to areas where they are having to compete with FTTH from the telephone companies and again typically only in the metro, urban, or high density areas and not to rural America because infrastructure is too costly.

+ Is this service Satellite based service?

No. Unlike Satellite which has long latency due to the satellite orbiting thousands of miles above the earth, our towers are land based.

+ What speed can we expect?

To be considered high-speed as defined by the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) a broadband service provider must provide service at a minimum of 25 Mbps. Althougy we cannot guaranttee our actual bandwidth to your home, we expect our service to maintain 25 Mbps if you choose that package.

+ Will there be a data cap?

No. CAJTEX will not impose a data cap.

+ Will there be any throttling of speed?

It is not our intent to throttle speed for our service. It is our intent to design our network so that as we bring on more subscribers we will increase our bandwidth capabilities while keeping our cost competitiveness. We will be monitoring our network for those who would abuse the network on a continuous basis. For those who do abuse the network, we reserve the right to limited bandwidth their bandwidth so that our other customers do not suffer unexpectedly from slower services.

+ How will service work?

For our service to work, you must have a clear line of sight to one of our fixed towers. Each household will receive the wireless signal from our fixed transmission tower via a small antenna dish known as the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) located on the outside of your home and pointing to our tower. From the antenna (CPE), you must be able to see our tower. In some cases, where you cannot see the tower, a local optional tower placed on your property may be required to obtain a signal. The cost of that tower or installation of it is not included as part of CAJTEX Communications internet service but can be provided at an additional fee.

The CPE has a radio transceiver which allow for your home network to communicate to our network. This connection will then connect our network to your home router where it will then be connected to your home devices either via a hardwired Ethernet connection or via a WiFi connection from your router or access point.

+ What equipment is required?

Like cellular hotspots, Cable/DSL modems, or SAT services, we require some hardware to get the signal from our fixed tower to your home. Our equipment is minimal. We only require an antenna with a transceiver (radio). The type and size of antenna will depend on the signal quality and strength to your home. CAJTEX will provide up to 100 feet of CAT6 Ethernet cable as part of our standard installation service. However, additional equipment may be required to obtain service which is at additional cost. That equipment may be poles or tower of required height to receive an acceptable signal for the bandwidth service selcted. That cost varies and are dependent upon equipment required.

+ How do I get started?

Call or email CAJTEX Communications and we will setup a time to visit your home and conduct a site survey to ensure the signal strength is such to provide you with the highest possible quality internet experience as possible. Once that survey is made, we will install the require CPE. In some cases, we may need to make a recommendation of having an optional tower installed so that we can provide the quality of service you deserve. The optional tower and installation cost is extra.

+ What services will CAJTEX offer?

In addition to our broadband service, we will offer home network hardware (routers, switches, access points, etc.), setup services, on going support for those devices should you select them, and website building. These services are NOT included in the standard service and quoted on per basis only.

+ How many computers/devices can I connect to your service?

You can connect as many devices to your home internal network as you like. All devices will access the internet via your internal local area network which then connects to our network via the CPE. Our service is based on household service and not per device. It should be noted that actual service and data speeds are depended upon your local area network.

+ Is there any additional cost?

There are no additional monthly fees with CAJTEX service offerings. The only fees will be the monthly subscription fee, a monthly equipment rental / insurance fee, and all applicable taxes.

However, there is a onetime $199 installation charge. Additionally, if you would like to obtain additional equipment and setup services (i.e. home network, setup, and on-going support services) those would be in addition to the base service fee.

+ Do you charge for repairs?

No, we will cover all repairs to CAJTEX CPEs as part of the monthly insurance / rental fee unless there is negligence on the part of the customer. If you purchase your own equipment and opt-out of our monthly insurance / rental fee, then any repairs or replacement of equipment is the customer's responsiblilty.

+ So you offer email service?

No, currently CAJTEX will not offer email service. This along with other services may be offered in the future.

+ Do you offer Tech Support?

Yes, we do. Should you need assistance, we will try and resolve your issue with our remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. If we are not able to resolve your issue remotely, we will schedule a service call to your home. We do not charge for this unless the issue is determined to be from customer negligence and the customer damages the equipment.

+ Can I use VPN?

Yes, our network is compatible with VPN.

+ Can I upgrade my package during my contract?